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Number 18 – Keeping Broadening Your Knowledge

I’ve recently been reading a History book, possibly for the first time since I completed my degree over seven years ago. Now, I studied History at university, and I loved it. I found all aspects of my study fascinating and I loved my university experience, not just for the friends and experiences, but also for the knowledge I gained and the approach to historical analysis.

Yet, since graduating, I have barely done anything to expand on and develop this love and knowledge of History as a subject. Yes, I’ve watched the odd documentary on BBC 4 but I’m struggling to remember a time where I’ve sat down with a History book and got stuck into exploring a new subject or refining my knowledge of a known one.

So, it has been really enjoyable and refreshing to pick up Dan Jones’ book Crusaders and re-connect with my love of the subject. It’s not high-brow academic literature but it’s well researched, referenced and written, and it reminds me of the human stories that were what drew me to History as a subject in the first place.

I urge you, therefore, to reconnect with your learning. Whether it’s returning to a degree subject like me, or picking up the instrument you played at school, you might be surprised by how much joy it gives you. It is also a helpful reminder to stay curious and inquisitive about ourselves and the world. You’re never too old to keep broadening your knowledge.

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