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My work is characterised by a desire to collaborate, build trust within a group and help others do their best work. These qualities are what connects my work in all its various forms.


I am the Founder and Artistic Director of Cyphers Theatre Company, a company that specialises in dynamic, ensemble adaptations of classic stories. As a freelance director, I work mostly with new work, often supporting writers and makers all the way from initial idea to performance.

As well as directing and making shows with professionals, I work a lot with young people to enhance their creativity and confidence through theatre. 

I also use my experience within theatre and sport to coach and train for those who teach or speak professionally. Through The Academic's Voice I have worked extensively with academic staff in some of the UK's leading universities to develop their communication skills, vocal technique and confidence.


Outside of work, I am an avid follower of cricket. As a teenager, I played cricket youth county and academy cricket, and am a qualified Level 2 coach.


I have a first-class degree in History from King’s College London, where I specialised in Medieval English and European History. I am still fascinated by the past, where we have come from and the role history plays in our sense of identity.

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