Growing up, I was a keen cricketer and received a lot of coaching to improve my game. The main thing I learnt from this experience was that good coaches don’t just coach the player, they coach the person. Good coaches don’t just try to correct faults or improve skills, they help people gain a better understanding of their process, their skillset and how they can improve themselves.


This is why my coaching packages balance conversation with personalised practical exercises. The conversations are about building understanding, confidence, self-awareness and enthusiasm. The practical work gives you the specific feedback and exercises you need to improve your ‘game’. These are personalised to you and your particular needs.


This balance means you’ll develop your ideas, improve your working methods and have something to show for it at the end.


Details of my coaching packages can be found below. You can also see who I've worked with and what they say about the experience.


Kat Roberts


There is no way my creative practice would have progressed as it has without Marcus' guidance. He's a grounded influence who cannot fail to centre whoever he comes in contact with and facilitate their best work.

Dr Faith Taylor

(University of Portsmouth)

A real investment in my career.... I really enjoy the sessions and am getting more compliments from colleagues about my presentation skills as a result.





Am I being clear? Do I have their attention? Will my voice hold out? What if I say something stupid?

Just some of the unhelpful thoughts that might be flying through your head when you're trying to teach a class or present your ideas at interview.

My coaching sessions are all about helping you feel calm and confident, so you can stay in the moment and react with control to whatever comes your way. My sessions are routed in techniques both actors and athletes use to steady their nerves and focus their energies in order to perform at their best.



Is this any good? How can I make it better? Where do I begin when looking to get it performed?

If those questions sound familiar then you're in the right place!

Through my coaching you'll not only have someone to read your work and provide feedback, you'll also have someone to help you articulate and focus your ideas. As well as exploring your creative ideas, you'll get a session of producing consultancy to look at how to take your project forward, so you can make the first steps towards getting it on stage.



My coaching work is built on a decade of experience working in theatre and training. 


At the start of my theatre career, I received training as an assistant on four productions for RADA Enterprises (now RADA Business). As a director or assistant director, my work has been performed in theatres across the UK and in France. In 2014, I founded Cyphers Theatre Company, so have first hand experience of driving my own creative projects forward. My coaching methods draw strongly on these rich and varied experiences. More details of my directing work can be found here.


My directing work has led to lots of experience within artistic and creative development. For the Barbican, I have worked for many years on their Open Lab programme. I provide artists with creative support and mentorship during one-week residences. During these weeks, I have worked with a wide variety of artists exploring and challenging aspects of their practice. I've worked with artists who specialise in everything from hip-hop dance and contemporary opera to immersive audio-visual experiences and children's theatre.

My work in theatre has also led to me being invited to work with lecturers in the Informatics Department at King's College London. I quickly realised that I am able to use my theatre and training experience to develop academics' confidence and communications skills. I have now worked with lecturers across multiple organisations and worked for 3 years as a visiting voice and communications coach at the King's Business School.

I have worked for or with individuals and groups from all of the below organisations.

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