Feel like a lack of confidence is getting in the way of your ability to teach? Want to share your ideas and passion but struggle to make yourself heard? Struggling with a sore throat and croaky voice after a long day of teaching? 

It doesn't have to be this way! 

It is possible to learn techniques and exercises to improve your vocal quality and stamina, so that you are heard and listened to.


It is possible to develop approaches that keep you clear headed and present, so you are ready to handle those inevitable interruptions and difficult questions with ease and authority.

Combining my experiences as a theatre director, sports coach and teacher, I'll introduce you to techniques and mindsets adopted by actors and athletes so you too can communicate effectively and perform under pressure. 

Teaching is not easy - whether that's in schools or at university. It is demanding both physically and mentally but it is also immensely rewarding.


The aim of my coaching is to free you so you can communicate clearly and with confidence, allowing you to relax and enjoy inspiring those you teach.

Details of my coaching packages can be found below. You can also see who I've worked with and what they say about the experience.


Lecturers from King's Business School

Very impressive... fabulous teacher! ... really enjoyed it.

Dr Faith Taylor

(University of Portsmouth)

A real investment in my career.... I really enjoy the sessions and am getting more compliments from colleagues about my presentation skills as a result.





Am I being understood? Do I have their attention? Is my voice reaching the back of the room?

Just some of the unhelpful thoughts that might be flying through your head when you're trying to lead a seminar, deliver a lecture or present your ideas at interview.

My coaching sessions are all about helping you feel calm and confident, so you can stay in the moment and react with control to whatever comes your way. My sessions are routed in techniques both actors and athletes use to steady their nerves and focus their energies in order to perform at their best.



Will my voice hold out? How do I make them listen to me? How can I command authority and respect?

If those questions sound familiar then you're in the right place!

Through my coaching we'll work together to establish techniques that help you teach with calm authority. Utilising exercises actors use in training, we'll look at how to improve and strengthen your voice, in order to give you more authority and avoid that sore throat at the end of the day. We'll also explore approaches to steady your nerves and build your confidence, for both the classroom and the staff room.



My coaching work is built on a decade of experience working in theatre, training and education. 


At the start of my theatre career, I received training as an assistant on four productions for RADA Enterprises (now RADA Business). As a director or assistant director, my work has been performed in theatres across the UK and in France. My coaching methods draw strongly on these rich and varied experiences. More details of my directing work can be found here.


As well as working in theatre, I have extensive experience of working in educational settings. I have worked as a cover teacher and regularly run workshops in both primary and secondary schools, as well as with organisations that specialise in the creative education of young people (such as the Creative Learning department at the Barbican). This gives me first hand experience of the challenges of teaching, as well as a developed understanding of different techniques for engaging young people of all ages.

My work in theatre led to me being invited to work with lecturers at King's College London. I quickly realised that I am able to use my theatre and training experience to develop academics' confidence and communications skills. I have now worked with lecturers across multiple organisations and worked for 3 years as a visiting voice and communications coach at the King's Business School.

I have worked for or with individuals and groups from all of the below organisations: