A common thread that links all of my work in theatre is dramaturgy. Whether it be artist development, directing or writing, dramaturgy is at the heart of it all.  


Dramaturgy is one of those terms that has many meanings and often gets misunderstood. So, for the sake of clarity, I view dramaturgy as the process of telling a story as effectively as possible on stage. It is about allowing the writer’s or theatre maker’s message to be as clear and as truthful as possible.


As a dramaturg, I will be there to ask questions, to make observations and to gently challenging your work. This is all to help focus your ideas and fully understand the piece you are developing or rehearsing. My focus is always on helping you communicate your story as effectively as possible. In other words, my job is to help you write the play you want to write.


I offer a Writers Coaching Package for writers looking for a dramaturg to work with them on developing their play. 


I am also available as a dramaturg in the room to directors and companies during R&D and rehearsals. If you’re interested or want to discuss a potential project, do get in touch or book in a 'virtual coffee'.



As a director and writer, I specialise in working with adaptations of literature, so the act of synthesising, structuring and focusing another author’s story or message is fundamental to the way that I work. For Cyphers Theatre Company, I have adapted Great Expectations, The Three Musketeers and Orlando. I have also worked on several other adaptations for a number of companies, including: The Diary of a Madman, Northanger Abbey, and Alice In Wonderland.


With the Barbican Centre in London, I have worked for many years on their Open Lab programme. In this project artists are given a week of space in the Pit Theatre to develop their creative ideas and practice. During these weeks, I am in the room throughout, acting as an outside eye, providing stimulus, challenging ideas and generally supporting the work of that artist. This has introduced me to a wide variety of art forms and means that I have experience as a dramaturg for many disciplines, from hip-hop dance and immersive experiences, to opera and children’s theatre projects.


I also regularly work with new writing. I have directed countless extracts for new writing nights! All of these have been a fantastic opportunity to meet and support writers in the development of their scripts. In many cases, this has led to more lasting collaborations, in which I have supported the development of their work and even gone on to direct the full productions.

For more on my directing experience, see my directing page.