Am I being understood? Is my voice reaching the back of the room? Why does my voice feel so tired after a lecture? How can I stop the aching in my neck and shoulders? Is there a way to stop feeling this nervous?

Wouldn't it be lovely to give a lecture and not have these questions and doubts in the back of your mind?

My coaching is there to give you the tools to feel calm, relaxed and at ease when communicating your ideas and research. We’ll look at breathing techniques to improve the strength and tone of your voice, and relaxation techniques to increase your confidence and comfort speaking in public.


I now run most of this work through The Academic's Voice, so head over to that website for more information. Below are some examples of the sort of coaching packages I normally offer.


Dr Faith Taylor

(University of Portsmouth)

A real investment in my career.... I really enjoy the sessions and am getting more compliments from colleagues about my presentation skills as a result.

Lecturers from King's Business School

Very impressive... fabulous teacher! ... really enjoyed it.



The specific areas that we cover in your package will be personalised to your particular needs but common areas that we cover include:

  • Clarity for your audience

  • Staying calm under pressure

  • Being heard

  • Speaking with confidence, control and authority

  • Improving vocal tone and projection

  • Countering voice-loss or vocal strain

  • Communicating through video technology

  • Holding the attention of your audience

  • Improving posture and use of gesture

  • How to use your hands

  • Structuring speeches, presentations or pitches

  • Insecurity around accents or speaking English as a second language

from £250

If you're an individual looking to improve your vocal quality and to help you stay calm under pressure, then this is the package for you.


This package includes:


  • 3 x 1-on-1 live Zoom coaching sessions, each completely personalised to you.

  • Suggested exercises based on your specific needs and designed to fit into your routine.

  • A detailed breakdown after each session of what we covered and what exercises you should focus on.

  • The ability to keep in touch between and after our sessions, so you can ask questions and check your progress.


My sessions are relaxed, flexible and completely personalised. They’re all about making you comfortable, calm and confident.

If you want to discuss this package further, I’m very happy to chat. Drop me an email on the link below and we'll arrange a time to discuss your needs.

from £300

Are you a department looking to improve your student feedback? Or simply a department looking to develop the communication skills of your staff and colleagues?


I'll work with your departments to develop a bespoke packages that suits your particular needs. This usually include a combination of group and individual coaching sessions, and can be focussed on specific areas of communication on request.

If you want to discuss building a bespoke training package for your department, I’m very happy to chat.  Drop me an email on the link below for bookings and further enquiries.


from £75

Got a big interview, presentation or lecture coming up? Want to ensure you stay confident and calm under pressure? Want to check that your message is getting across? Then this is the package for you.

Sometimes you have a particular event that you need preparing for. We'll design a bespoke package to prepare you as best as possible. This might include:

  • Working on your voice

  • Developing your posture

  • Practicing your presentation and receiving feedback

  • Introducing ideas of storytelling and structure to your presentation

  • Developing methods for overcoming nerves and anxiety

  • Cultivating the ability to stay in the moment.

If you want to discuss building a bespoke coaching package, I’m very happy to chat. Drop me an email on the link below for bookings and further enquiries.

I'm also very happy to tailor sessions and packages to individual needs. Please drop me an email if you would like to discuss an alternative to the above packages. This might include:

  • one off or pay as you go sessions

  • monthly coaching sessions

  • group sessions

  • preparation for a specific event

  • special personal requirements



My coaching work is built on a decade of experience working in theatre and training. 


At the start of my theatre career, I received training as an assistant on four productions for RADA Enterprises (now RADA Business). As a director or assistant director, my work has been performed in theatres across the UK and in France. My coaching methods draw strongly on these rich and varied experiences. More details of my directing work can be found here.

My work in theatre led to me being invited to work with lecturers at King's College London. I quickly realised that I am able to use my theatre and training experience to develop academics' confidence and communications skills. I have now worked with lecturers across multiple organisations and worked for 3 years as a visiting voice and communications coach at the King's Business School.

I have worked for or with individuals and groups from all of the below organisations: