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Unlock Your Communication Potential

Find your voice and connect with your audience, through high quality, bespoke training to allow you and your team to communicate with clarity and confidence.



Enhancing Communication Skills

All my offerings are entirely bespoke and can be tailored to all levels of your organisation - from interns to senior leadership. My approach is an holistic one, focusing on building confidence, clear-thinking and adaptability, so you and your team can communicate clearly and truthfully when it counts.
The below sections give an idea of the different elements I offer and what could form the basis of your training package.

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Build adaptability, clear thinking and the ability to improvise under pressure. Break down the fear of failure and build the trust to stay in the moment.

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Learn key tools and techniques to allow you to speak with clarity, confidence and authenticity. Improve vocal strength and tone, create a more engaging voice and prevent voice loss.

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Learn to move your audience to action through the power of story. Build a narrative around your brand or product to create connection inside and outside your organisation.

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Give your team the tools to pitch and present with clarity, purpose and impact. Get practical advice and feedback on content, preparation and performance, or build a pitch together from scratch.

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Improve internal communications, trust, listening and openness to new ideas. Build more collaborative environments and methods of creative problem solving.



“Marcus took the time to understand each of our strengths and areas for improvement and provided constructive feedback that I am continuously working through.

I would absolutely recommend these sessions for other organisations – 10/10"

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Enjoy Sharing Your Ideas

I started out working in theatre as a director. As a director my main focus was on building a team and sharing a story with energy, accessibility and simplicity. This led to me directing productions in some of the UK's leading regional theatres and delivering workshops around the world, from Hawaii to India.


I then started running training workshops with teams in education and business, to improve presentation skills and confidence when speaking in public. I realised that through this work I could make a real difference to people's lives - improving their confidence and general well-being, as well as their performance at work.


Now, communication skills coaching is my main focus. I have worked with some of the world's leading academic institutions and with industry leaders in PR and market research. I want to continue helping others do their best work, by helping them communicate their ideas with clarity and confidence.



Start Improving Your Communication Today

Ready to elevate your communication skills? Reach out to start a conversation about how I can support you or your organisation.

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