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Number 8 – Washing

I’m sat in the armchair by the window (see my home-office rearrangement from a couple of days ago, ‘Number 6 – Changing It Up’), and there is a rack of laundry drying in front of me. I mention it because I feel like one of the best ways of judging your mental state is by an assessment of how on-top of your laundry you are. You know you’ve got your life in order when the laundry basket is empty, and the wardrobe and drawers are full.

It’s a simple act of self-discipline but it is one of the first things to go when you’re feeling stressed or overworked. The washing gets put off and put off and put off, until the dreaded morning when you open the underwear drawer and realise you’ve got none left.

So, the fact that I have a full underwear drawer (minus the few pairs drying in front of me), gives me some satisfaction and a sense that I have got something of a grip on my life after all.


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