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Number 38 – Challenge Complete

It’s Christmas Eve and I have officially completed my self-imposed challenge of writing a blog a day since the 17th November. Here am I 38 blogs later and what have I learnt?

1) You Can Always Find Time

When I set myself this challenge, I wasn’t certain that I would complete it. I assumed something would get in the way at some point – I’d miss one day, then another and then I’d stop altogether. I also wasn’t anticipating these last 38 days being some of the busiest of my 2020. I suddenly had online workshops to run, coaching sessions to lead, funding applications to write, as well as all the general Christmas prep and normal day-to-day tasks – you know, like eating.

Yet despite this and, I might even say, because of this busy period, I have managed to write a blog every single day. Some are definitely better and more interesting than others, some are evidently shorter than others, but they are all blogs, nonetheless. I committed to the challenge and every day I managed to find time to write.

2) Writing Gets Easier

About halfway through the challenge, I suddenly noticed something strange – when I read back over my blog, I wasn’t having to make any alterations. Now, I’m sure there are many typos that I haven’t spotted across these 38 blogs but what became very evident was that I made many fewer mistakes and articulated my thoughts more clearly as the blogs progressed. Writing became more fluent and more natural. In short, the more I wrote the easier writing got.

3) Clearer Thinking

One of the main reasons for starting this challenge was to help me get thoughts out of my own head. Now, writing hasn’t been the only thing I’ve been doing over the past 38 days to help clear my mind – running and meditating being the other big ones – but I can safely say that I feel mentally so much more at peace. Again, this is despite the last month being the busiest I’ve had for a while. I’m certain that writing my thoughts down and sending them out into blogosphere has helped keep my thinking clear.

4) I’ve Enjoyed It

I’ve never really thought of myself as a writer. Even when I create adaptations of classic novels for the stage, I think of myself as an adaptor or dramaturg. So, it has been really lovely to discover that I actually rather enjoy writing! Yes, there have absolutely been days where I’ve had to coax myself to sit down and write, but even on those days, once I’ve started, I’ve found some element of flow and enjoyed the process.

5) Personal Development

At the start of this challenge, I said that each blog could take any form. What has been striking for me, is that pretty much every single blog has been focussed on the subject of personal development in some way. That has taken the form of changing perspectives on yourself, the world and your work; ideas of gratitude and acceptance; reframing attitudes towards money, value and achievement; ways to manage stress and nerves; tips for forming positive habits. In doing so, this challenge has shown me something about myself, that personal development and growth is one of my primary interests. Not only that, but it is an interest that I want to use to help others.

So, there you have it! 38 blogs in 38 days and some of the things I have learnt along the way. Time for a well-deserved Christmas break. I will continue to blog after Christmas, just probably not every day!

Have a lovely and safe Christmas!


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