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Number 1 – The Challenge

So, I’ve set myself the challenge of writing a blog a day until Christmas.

A slightly random idea that has come from a number of different stimuli.

Firstly, I respond well to structure, challenge and the idea of maintaining a ‘streak’. I’ve reached 369 days on Duolingo now – I’m not sure whether it has actually helped my French at all (!) but I’ve kept it up, nonetheless. I also completed the Couch to 5K programme – three runs a week for 9 weeks, gradually increasingly in difficulty. It was such a struggle to continue running regularly after finishing it, that I’ve actually started it again!

Second, I’ve found writing my thoughts out (in whatever form they take) incredibly calming during this period. The act of externalising my thoughts – my frustrations, my hopes, my struggles – somehow allows my brain to find a moment of stillness and calm afterwards. So committing to a process of writing something (and publishing it online) everyday – no matter what comes out – I’m hopeful will continue to help free my mind of anxiety and stress, and help me to find clarity and forward motion.

Third, I recently wanted the film Julie & Julia, in which the central character embarks on a slightly bonkers challenge to undertake all of Julia Child’s recipes within one calendar year and blog about the process. (I had no idea who Julia Child was before watching this film. So, for those equally ignorant, I can best describe her as an American Delia Smith of the 1960s/70s. She’s credited with bringing classic French cooking techniques to the average American household).

So, between these three sources of inspiration, I have set myself the challenge of writing a blog (and publishing it) everyday between now (the 17th November 2020) and Christmas, which would be a total of 38 blogs.

The blogs can be of any length and in any style. They could be general musings or political rants, or they could be bits of creative writing or poetry. The key is just to see what comes out, embrace it and put it out into the world. It may be that no one reads them at all! And that’s absolutely fine. It is the process and the act that counts, not the result.

So, there you go. That’s number 1 written. We will see what number 2 brings tomorrow!


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