Lecturing is hard! Speaking in front of hundreds of people, for hours on end, is incredibly tough – both physically and mentally.


Many of the lecturers I've worked with struggled with losing their voice, being heard at the back of the room, holding students' attention or just hating the sound of their own voice. You are given no vocal training, yet are expected to speak for up to 8 hours a day. By contrast, most actors will receive 3 years of vocal training and they only have to speak for a maximum of 3 hours a night! 


I also understand that you’re really short on time, so I’ve put together a package that gives you personalised, targeted coaching to support your demanding schedule.


Dr Faith Taylor

(University of Portsmouth)

A real investment in my career.... I really enjoy the sessions and am getting more compliments from colleagues about my presentation skills as a result.

Lecturers from King's Business School

Very impressive... fabulous teacher! ... really enjoyed it.



This package is about giving you meaningful support, over a sustained period of time, to help you develop your voice, your confidence and your ease when leading a team. These sessions are completely personalised to you and will provide you with exercises and resources you need to prepare for and improve your leadership skills. These sessions also help you find time in your schedule for self-development and help you to feel more assured as a leader.


Within this starter package you will receive:


  • 60-minute one-on-one Zoom coaching session. This is about understanding what you need and want from our work together. We’ll discuss strategies and goals to support your aims as a leader.

  • personalised exercise package. Based on our first meeting, I’ll put together a pack of exercises that are just for you. These might include vocal or breathing exercises to improve your communication, or they might include worksheets to help clarify your aims and approaches.

  • A second 60-minute Zoom session. This will be an opportunity to see how you’ve been getting on and to take the process further. We’ll create a plan for the coming months so you can put our work together into action.


My sessions are relaxed, flexible and completely personalised. They’re all about making you the most effective leader you can be.

If you want to discuss this package further, I’m very happy to chat. Drop me a line via the link below and we can set up a free consultation call.


For a lot of people the initial packages above are just what they need to get the ball rolling - finding new energy and focus. But this is hard to sustain, goals need reframing and exercises need refreshing. That's completely natural and means you're moving forwards. And that's why I offer top-up session packs.

These are 30 minute Zoom sessions to check-in with how you're getting on, to set some new targets and maybe explore some new exercises if needed. They're short and sweet and designed to give you that little boost to keep you moving in the right direction.



My coaching work is built on a decade of experience working in theatre and training. 


At the start of my theatre career, I received training as an assistant on four productions for RADA Enterprises (now RADA Business). As a director or assistant director, my work has been performed in theatres across the UK and in France. In 2014, I founded Cyphers Theatre Company, so have first hand experience of driving my own creative projects forward. My coaching methods draw strongly on these rich and varied experiences. More details of my directing work can be found here.

My work in theatre led to me being invited to work with lecturers in the Informatics Department at King's College London. I quickly realised that I am able to use my theatre and training experience to develop academics' confidence and communications skills. I have now worked with lecturers across multiple organisations and worked for 3 years as a visiting voice and communications coach at the King's Business School.

I have worked for or with individuals and groups from all of the below organisations.

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